The Changing Landscape of Transportation

new transportation scooters

The nature of humans and their transportation has been one of many changes through history.  The earliest times, we were talking about horses, elephants, and other beasts of burden.  These also exist today, but most of the developed world has migrated to other things.

The last couple of hundred years has seen the advent of locomotion and steam technology to power the first trains.  Again, these still exist in similar forms in many parts of the world today.  Then, we moved into electrical trails, especially for urban mass transportation needs.

The past hundred years and more the last 60 years or so has seen the rise of commercial aviation that first featured propeller powered airplanes and then jet powered, which is the most popular today.  We also had a stretch of time where zeppelins or other dirigibles were used for commercial and passenger aviation.  These exist today, especially hot air balloons for joy rides, but have otherwise gone out of use.

The personal automobile has undoubtedly been one of the most significant developments in human transportation in all of history.  Now, people have the ability to be as mobile as they desire and cover spans of distances in hours or days, which would have taken days to even months in the not so distant past.

As popular as cars are, two-wheeled transport items are even more so in much of the developing world in the form of mopeds and motorcycles.  The reasons being that they are inexpensive to buy and operate, don’t take much room to store, and are nimble in busy urban environment or sure-footed in rural areas.  They are many amusing pictures taken from around the world, where you see not only a large amount of people on one of these vehicles, but also situations where it is being used to carry an enormous amount of cargo.

In the past handful of year, especially in the developed countries and in urban environments, you see a large trend towards non-traditional transportation vehicles, especially for adults.  What I mean by that is that there is a large return to riding bicycles for commuting and overall day to day usage, where there otherwise would have been an automobile would’ve been involved.

This trend has been due to a number of factors, including the price of gasoline and the increased sensitivity about impact to the environment from burning fossil fuels.  And, even a newer and interesting trend has been the emergence of scooters, human-powered, gas, or electric, as vehicles of choice for adults to get around town.  This has been remarkable to watch and puts a smile on your face to see adults seemingly embrace their kid inside and traveling in such a way.  If you’d like to learn more about this trend and possibly dip your own toe into it, there’s a great site here for reading scooter sight reviews.


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